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What do the icons on tinder mean Sara Underwood nakedThe FappeningBetween august 2014 and October 2014 nude and topless pics of over 100 celebs have been leaked on the website 4chan. Hacker sold them to the community paid via the anonym currency bitcoin which is often used by hackers. Within minutes the internet community created a new sub on reddit called The Fappening where all the photos have been uploaded.How did they get private nude pics of celebs like Scarlett Johansson Hayden Panettiere or Ariana Grande They simply gained access to their icloud accounts by sending them fake apple mails. Therefore they just sent them phishing mails got access to their accounts and saved the nude images and sex videos. They then uploaded it via the tor network on sites like reddit and 4chan. Although the original posts got deleted within a few days the leaks were copied and released on other sites. Thus the fappening was able to continueCelebrity Fappening leaks from hacked iCloud accountsApple instantly claimed that it was not a hack because they did not use any security issue. Except the security issue that the leaked stars are not aware of phishing mails. The hacked stars specially Kaley Cuoco Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens tried with the help of their lawyers to ban the leaked nude pics out of the internet. This was the proof that those nude and sex pics are realSome of the leaked pics are nonnude just selfies in ling

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